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he K2REME story.
Dry, dry, dry, dry, dry!
My skin was like a desert. My hair as well. Read how I fixed my problem 
skin and hair.  And how I can help you...

I found products that I could use to make shaving oils and lotions that would sooth my troubled skin.  Next, we  created a web store to make it convenient for you too. We provide delivery in tbuy our product that can he domestic United States and Europe. K2REME specializes in lotions, body washes, lip balms, shaving lotions, shaving oils that are fragrance free and all natural. We also have soap products with additional surfactants which are synthesized from natural products. Browse our products and view our detailed product descriptions. Enjoy and contact us if you have any questions about any of our products. Keith and Karen. 
The K2REME story: (Keith) When I was young I had a severe case of eczema. Inside my elbows, knees and behind my ears were all itchy scabs. I scratched these scabs open continuously. It got so bad that while I was in college in Chattanooga, my bed sheets where a stained bloody mess and I was ashamed to turn them in for replacements. After moving back to Philadelphia, my skin began to clear up, but I did still have dry skin.
Because of my dry skin, shaving with regular shaving soap was torture. I soon started using a product that I had used when I was a kid for baths, Alpha Keri lotion. I was happy. Then several years ago, it seemed like Alpha Keri was getting scarce in stores. I would search the big name pharmacies and finally found a replacement at one of them. Worried that I might not be able to purchase an essential shaving product, I searched online and found enough to last a while. My worries grew. The risk was getting to great that someone at corporate big name pharmacy would stop purchasing or making the product.
The internet came to the rescue and I started to look at ways of making my own saving lotion. I found a company that sold lanolin, one of the key ingredients in Alpha Keri. Mineral Oil is the other component and they had some of that as well, so i started to make my own shaving lotion.  I was able to experiment and develop a lotion that was very nice to shave with by adding as much lanolin as I needed
While browsing the web site, I saw various products so I decided to purchase some supplies and develop some simple lotions and salves for when my skin gets itchy.  I also wanted to develop some shampoos and body washes to help keep my skin and hair from drying out. The K2REME web site is a culmination of several years in development to be able to share these products. First for my own use and the use of my friends. And now you can share these products with us.
The Kartarmi line of lotions, shampoos, and body washes has a base of safflower oil. Kartami is the Hebrew word for safflower. This is line I use as it has the most efficacious additives and base oils. Also, the shampoo and body wash have a minimal amount of added surfactants to just add enough suds to get that clean feel. I have tried to keep the formulas simple. Also the Kartami raffa healing lotion has additional healing oils added for an extra moisturizing cream.
The Onsen Japanese Spa Lotions and products are made with rice bran oil with aloe, and some preservatives.
We also have an anti aging formulation with collagen, honey powder, acai, evening primrose oil with NatureLines, a line reducing additive.
The Chevre au Lait lotions contain goats milk and aloe, and shea with enough preservative to keep the lotion fresh.
Aloe au Lait lotions start with a dose of aloe whole leaf juice and safflower oil with preservatives.
Soya au Lait lotions start with soy milk and cottonseed oil with some additional preservatives.
Kethem shampoos and soaps are for people with normal skin and hair requirements.
I do believe in adding preservatives to the lotion bases.  Detailed ingredients list of each product contain links to information about the preservatives and all ingredients used to develop each product.  Without preservatives oil, water, and emulsion based lotions can spoil just like food.   Since most people don't store lotions in their refrigerator, some preservatives are necessary.  The preservatives that I use are safe and naturally derived preservatives with an advertised shelf life of two years. I have two plus years of old bottles that I test periodically to ensure that the preservatives work as advertised.
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